2014-15 NBA Future Odds – Spurs Heavy Favorites in the Southwest Division

2014-15 NBA Future Odds – Spurs Heavy Favorites in the Southwest Division

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It’s time to examining the NBA Southwest division season odds. In this division, the heavy favorites to get the first place are NBA defending champions, San Antonio Spurs. How are the odds? Which are the main moves? Let’s take a closer look.

San Antonio Spurs

In the San Antonio Spurs, there is no other goal than getting the ring again. They start the season as the favorites in the league, since not only did they have an amazing campaign last year, (62-20), but they also have the same squad to affront this campaign.

Since Tony Parker got an extension and Tim Duncan discard the retirement, the only miss was not signing the Spanish free agent, Pau Gasol as they wanted during the offseason. With this background, the San Antonio Spurs has the best odds of the NBA to win the title again at 4/1. In addition, their future odds to win the Western Conference are 13/5; so consequently, the Spurs are the best bet in this division.

Houston Rockets   

Coming in second place for winning this division, the Houston Rockets have not done respectable deals so far. They did not retain Chandler Parsons and miss out in signing Chris Bosh as they wanted. Instead, they acquired the three point shooter and veteran guard, Jason Terry from the Sacramento Kings, and signed in the Greek forward Kostas Papanikolaou, who was playing in Spain for FC Barcelona.

However, since they did a great campaign last year and still have a good roster, in the odds, they are with 22/1 to win the ring this year. The Rockets come just behind the Spurs for winning the division.

Dallas Mavericks

If the Rockets did not make great deals and did not achieve to retain Chandler Parsons, the Dallas Mavericks did bring Parsons to their squad. The Mavs have more positive than bad deals, and despite the lost Vince Carter, beyond Parsons, they re-signed Devin Harris and Dirk Nowitzki. Besides, they bought Jameer Nelson, Al-Faroq Aminu, Ivan Johnson and Richard Jefferson.

In the odds for winning the NBA title next June, the Mavs are 35/1 and are in the third place of the division expecting to contend.

Memphis Grizzlies

After finishing in the third place of the division last year, and losing in the first round of the playoffs against Oklahoma City Thunder, Memphis come in the fourth place in the odds for this division.

They got Vince Carter from Dallas and re-signed Beno Udrih and Zach Randolph, looking forward to making a good campaign as they did last year. However, Dallas did best moves in the summer and the Grizzlies comes after them in the chances to winning the NBA title and consequently the division with 60/1 in the probabilities.

New Orleans Pelicans

Coming in the last place of this division last year (34W-48L), the scenario for the Pelicans do not appear to get better this year. In the NBA odds, they also appear in the last place of the division with 150/1 chance to win the NBA title. The biggest acquisition of the team was center Omer Asik. In addition, they resigned Darius Miller; however, their squad is still a not solid squad to compete inside the Southwest division.

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