Are we addicted to technology?

We found the following article and while it regards technology in general rather than merely online casinos, we found this might strike a particular note with some or indeed many of our readers who will recognise a lot of what is being mentioned.

(Thanks to the BBC for the original article) By Zoe Kleinman: Technology reporter, BBC News

casino addiction
Sleep problems are often a symptom of excessive screen time, experts say

Just five minutes after meeting sleep and energy expert Dr Nerina Ramlakhan in her central London clinic, she delivers some bad news.

“You’ve got the classic pattern of someone who’s in a fatigue cycle,” she says.

“You’re running on survival energy. Your sympathetic nervous system is in overdrive. I would guess you feel pretty shattered mid-afternoon which would mean you are running on adrenalin, noradrenalin, cortisol.”

I’m turning into a dopamine junkie – the brain chemical associated with pleasure that is released when we are stimulated, whether that is by food, sex, excitement… or screen time.

It sounds convincing. Or am I being blinded by pseudo-science?

Dr Ramlakhan works at the privately run Nightingale Hospital, and is a member of its technology addiction treatment team.

Surely tiredness is a by-product of a busy modern life – children, work, hobbies etc – rather than that relaxing time spent watching Netflix in bed?

“The thing many of my patients have in common is the fact that they are in front of screens all the time. Even when they try to sleep at night. It has become so pervasive,” she says.

casino addiction
Some apps like Twilight and F.lux claim to limit the blue light glare of screens in sync with the sunset

“They go to bed but can’t sleep, or fall asleep exhausted and wake up tired. People started telling me they couldn’t switch their brains off.”

One patient was suspended from work after sending an inappropriate email to a client in the early hours of the morning, she adds.

“When we unpicked the story we realised he was spending more time at work and finding it more difficult to switch off.”

He is now on the road to recovery – and hopes to return to his job.

Another recent patient was a 17-year-old who had suffered a seizure.

It turned out he was up all night playing computer games.

Multi-tasking madness


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