MLB Hall of Fame Odds – Griffey Looks Like a Lock

MLB Hall of Fame Odds – Griffey Looks Like a Lock

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It’s time for the Baseball Writers’ Association of America to vote for the 2016 Hall of Fame class. Baseball’s hallowed halls are the most difficult to enter in North American professional sports – especially the first go-round on the ballot – but this year’s first-timers feature a shoo-in: Ken Griffey Jr., a.ka. “The Kid,” blasted 630 career home runs, won ten Gold Gloves and appears destined for Cooperstown in his first year of eligibility.

A year ago, Mike Piazza (69.9%), Jeff Bagwell (55.7%), and Tim Raines (55%) fell shy of the 75% needed for induction. Piazza is a favorite to get over the hump in 2016 (his fourth year of eligibility). The former Dodger and Met legend is arguably the greatest hitting catcher of all-time – his selection is more when than if.

Recent BBWAA votes have shown a clear bias against alleged users of performance enhancing drugs. Roger Clemens (37.5% last year) and Barry Bonds (36.8%) remain long-shots despite decades of on-field excellence. Sammy Sosa is in danger of falling below 5% and being permanently removed from the ballot. The former slugger hit 609 home runs and knocked in 1667 runs. By way of comparison, Griffey had 630 and 1836; but Junior doesn’t have a whiff of PED aroma anywhere near him.

The results of the vote will be announced January 6. But you can get our odds on induction – for both this year and next – right freaking now!

MLB Hall of Fame Odds

Odds of being inducted in 2016:

Ken Griffey Jr: 1/4

Mike Piazza: 5/7

Jeff Bagwell: 3/1

Tim Raines: 4/1

Trevor Hoffman: 8/1

Curt Schilling: 12/1

Barry Bonds: 15/1

Roger Clemens: 15/1

Lee Smith: 20/1

Billy Wagner: 25/1

Jeff Kent: 40/1

Edgar Martinez: 40/1

Mike Mussina: 40/1

Mark McGwire: 50/1

Gary Sheffield: 50/1

Alan Trammell: 75/1

Sammy Sosa: 100/1

Larry Walker: 100/1

Odds of being inducted in 2017 (if not elected in 2016):

Mike Piazza: 5/8

Jeff Bagwell: 5/2

Tim Raines: 3/1

Ivan Rodriguez: 6/1

Trevor Hoffman: 6/1

Curt Schilling: 10/1

Barry Bonds: 12/1

Roger Clemens: 12/1

Vladimir Guerrero: 25/1

Billy Wagner: 25/1

Jeff Kent: 35/1

Edgar Martinez: 35/1

Mike Mussina: 35/1

Jorge Posada: 40/1

Manny Ramirez: 50/1

Gary Sheffield: 50/1

Sammy Sosa: 100/1

Larry Walker: 100/1


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