NBA Title and Division Odds – Cavs Head 2016 Futures

NBA Title and Division Odds – Cavs Head 2016 Futures

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The NBA regular season begins in about three weeks and, for the first time in four decades, the Golden State Warriors are looking to defend a title.

Two excellent, nationally-televised games highlight opening day: the Eastern Conference champion Cavaliers open the season by battling Chicago, while Steph Curry and the Warriors host former assistant coach Alvin Gentry’s New Orleans Pelicans. Gentry will get a championship ring from the Warriors before making his Pelicans coaching debut.

In what has become an NBA tradition, five stocking-stuffers are on tap for Christmas Day, including a finals rematch between Cleveland and Golden State.

This year’s schedule isn’t all fan-friendly, though. With the All-Star Game in Toronto, we’ll almost certainly have to sit through a Drake performance (or twelve).

But then it’s back to the good stuff!

The playoffs commence on April 26, with the NBA Finals starting on June 2. Who should we expect to take the six division titles and, ultimately, the Larry O’Brien Trophy? Let’s take a look at the current odds.


Odds to Win the 2016 NBA Title:

Cleveland Cavaliers 3/1

San Antonio Spurs 5/1

Golden State Warriors 5/1

Oklahoma City Thunder 8/1

L.A. Clippers 13/2

Houston Rockets 18/1

Chicago Bulls 20/1

Atlanta Hawks 39/1

Memphis Grizzlies 39/1

Miami Heat 43/1

New Orleans Pelicans 45/1

Washington Wizards 45/1

Toronto Raptors 60/1

Milwaukee Bucs 64/1

Dallas Mavericks 75/1

Indiana Pacers 80/1

Boston Celtics 125/1

Phoenix Suns 140/1

Utah Jazz 140/1

Los Angeles Lakers 150/1

Portland Trail Blazers 150/1

Detroit Pistons 200/1

Brooklyn Nets 200/1

New York Knicks 250/1

Sacramento Kings 250/1

Denver Nuggets 300/1

Charlotte Hornets 375/1

Orlando Magic 500/1

Minnesota Timberwolves 500/1

Philadelphia 76ers 500/1


Odds to Win the Atlantic Division:

Toronto 1/4

Boston 3/1

New York 14/1

Brooklyn 17/1

Philadelphia 100/1


Odds to Win the Central Division:

Cleveland 2/9

Chicago 4/1

Milwaukee 20/1

Indiana 33/1

Detroit 100/1


Odds to Win the Southeast Division:

Atlanta 33/20

Miami 7/4

Washington 2/1

Charlotte 15/1

Orlando 70/1


Odds to Win the Northwest Division:

Oklahoma City 1/25

Utah 16/1

Portland 33/1

Denver 75/1

Minnesota 85/1


Odds to Win the Pacific Division:

Golden State 5/16

Los Angeles Clippers 5/2

Phoenix 75/1

Sacramento 125/1

Los Angeles Lakers 250/1


Odds to Win the Southwest Division:

San Antonio 4/5

Houston 2/1

Memphis 5/1

New Orleans 10/1

Dallas 50/1



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