NFL Odds – Brady vs. Manning

NFL Odds – Brady vs. Manning

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Thanks to emails released as part of the NFLPA’s lawsuit against the league on behalf of Tom Brady, football fans are now privy to some of the inner workings of “Tom Terrific’s” mind.

Apparently the Patriots’ signal caller thinks he has almost a full decade remaining in his career while longtime rival Peyton Manning is on his last legs.

Manning, the consummate professional, is taking the high road and hasn’t made the story as big as it could have been. But you have to think that the 39-year-old will be looking to one-up that young whippersnapper Brady – who is still a nubile 38 – this year.

Manning has better career numbers than Brady when it comes to the regular season. But Brady has always dominated the head-to-head, holding an 11-5 lead in 16 career matchups. (Brady also has four Super Bowl rings to just one for Peyton.)

If both are healthy (and eligible), they’ll get together in Denver on November 29 this season. Which future Hall-of-Famer will come out on top in that matchup, and who will have the better overall year?

It’s time to look at the odds for the historic QB duo as the 2015 season arrives.

Brady vs. Manning Odds:

Odds on which quarterback, regardless of suspension or injuries, will play in more games this year:

  • Brady: 2/1
  • Manning: 1/2

Odds to have the better QB Rating:

  • Brady: 5/2
  • Manning: 2/5

Odds to have the better TD/INT ratio:

  • Brady: 6/5
  • Manning: 4/5

Odds the Patriots/Broncos win their own division:

  • Patriots: 2/3
  • Broncos: 5/8

Odds the Patriots/Broncos win the AFC:

  • Patriots: 4/1
  • Broncos: 5/1

Odds the Patriots/Broncos win the Super Bowl:

  • Patriots: 10/1
  • Broncos: 15/1

Odds to win the head-to-head matchup on November 29:

  • Brady: 1/1
  • Manning: 1/1

Odds to win NFL MVP:

  • Brady: 22/1
  • Manning: 16/1

Odds to lead the NFL in passing yards:

  • Brady: 25/1
  • Manning: 15/2

Over/under on how many more seasons Manning/Brady will play:

  • Brady: o/u 4.5
  • Manning: o/u 1.5


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