Notre Dame goes to New Jersey to play Syracuse

Notre Dame goes to New Jersey to play Syracuse

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Notre Dame Fighting Irish (-12, 48) at Syracuse Orange

In a game being played at MetLife Stadium, Syracuse Orange (2-1) faces a rejuvenated Notre Dame (3-0) team that could be headed to big things this season behind the arm of hot quarterback Everett Golson.

Syracuse coach Scott Shafer knows what awaits his team this Saturday night. He said, “Everett’s a great football player. We knew that he had a year off last year and now all of a sudden, he’s back. He accounts for over 62 percent of their offense when you look at both pass and run so he’s the guy. He’s the guy that we have to do a great job defending (against).”

Notre Dam Coach Brian Kelly knows his team’s success is based on Golson, who hasn’t thrown a pick yet and is passing at a solid 64.6 completion rate.

Kelly said, “He’s preparing so much better than he ever has, and I think it’s allowing his athletic ability to shine in the game, but, again, having said that, I think there is really a lot more out there for him to accomplish.”

The biggest issue for Syracuse will be mistakes. Last week the team beat up Maryland in every category except points scored with a blocked punt and pick-6 leading to the loss.

Shafer said, “I felt like we were going up and down the field offensively, I felt like we really couldn’t be stopped unless we stop ourselves, which is exactly what happened.”

As good as Notre Dame is, they still are having trouble winning in all three phases of the game. Plus, Syracuse has Prince-Tyson Gulley, Terrel Hunt and Adonis Ameen-Moore running the ball. This is why Syracuse and the points makes the most sense.

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