Philadelphia 76ers Future Odds For the 2014-15 Season

Philadelphia 76ers Future Odds For the 2014-15 Season

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NBA season is coming soon, and the Philadelphia 76ers are looking forward to begin 2014-15 campaign with the right foot in order to redeem themselves and leave on the past the horrible 2013-14 campaign they had.

This time, the Sixers will fight for getting back in the playoffs for the first time in three years (2011-12) and the first since Brett Brown is the Head coach of the team. That’s the first goal, since last year they lost 63 games. Only after they get in the playoff Brett Brown team could think on winning their fourth championship.

Michael Carter-Williams is the star of the team but his on his second year, and Jason Richardson, the highest paid player on the team has never been a reliable shooting guard in the NBA.

How are the odds for the Sixers? Let’s see.

–          To win the champions the odd is +55000 and is the best pay team on the chances. Come on, taking into account their last ring was back in 1983, and this team only won 19 games last season, which means the odds are not that unfair with Philadelphia.

–          In order to win the Eastern Conference, Philadelphia odds are in +20000, and pay the same as the Milwaukee Bucks. One more time, since statistically is almost impossible to happen is pay with a lot of money.

But, how are the Sixers getting ready for the new season? Are there any chances to improve their poor performance? Is the Philadelphia future getting brighter?  According to coach and currently ESPN analyst, George Karl, there’s no chance.

“What is happening in Philadelphia should not be called ‘tanking’; rather, it should be called ‘destruction.’ The Sixers are at least three to five years away from even being a respectful — respectful — NBA roster,” said Karl.

According to the coach, the team is even worse at the end of last year, and the rebuild will take several years to give titles.

“Three of the five starters barely played last season. I understand building around talent, but people have to understand that sometimes young players just don’t develop. You put all your eggs in that basket, but if the kids don’t pan out, you’re sunk,” finished Karl.

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