Reasons Why Steve Sarkisian Is The Right Coach For USC

Reasons Why Steve Sarkisian Is The Right Coach For USC

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Since Pete Carroll left the program for the NFL, the USC Trojans football team hasn’t had the same success, and they keep hiring the wrong guy.  New head coach on the block Steve Sarkisian knows the place, knows the challenge and might be the best-suited person to bring this school back to better years.

Sarkisian started as a QB coach at El Camino in 2000 to jump one year later to do the same job in the Trojans for the next two seasons.  Then, he went to the NFL with the Oakland Raiders and came back to live the best years of Carroll’s in USC.

Steve’s arrival wasn’t good at all. Coach Ed Orgeron took the job as interim last season and did one heck of a job but was fired at the end despite his players want him to keep the job.  The teams quickly learn it wasn’t Sarkisian’s fault, and he needed a fair shot.

“In the beginning, guys were heartbroken,” USC defensive end Leonard Williams said. “We weren’t really welcoming any new coach that was coming in, no matter who it was going to be. Our very first meeting we were like, ‘Oh yeah, whatever, Coach Sark.’ It had nothing to do with anything he said. We just weren’t ready to be receptive to anybody new.”

Sarkisian is 36–29 on his coaching career and 1-2 Bowl games.  He knows how to get things done from his time with Carroll, and that’s the main reason he was hired.

USC is 12/1 to win the 2014-2015 College Football Championship and 5/1 to win the Pac-12 Conference.

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