Redskins hoping Cousins leads them to victory against the Eagles

Redskins hoping Cousins leads them to victory against the Eagles

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Washington Redskins at Philadelphia Eagles (-6.5, 50)    

Now that for the second straight year RGIII’s season has ended with injury, the Washington Redskins (1-1) are going to get a solid look at whether quarterback Kirk Cousins isn’t so much trade bait but potentially the future of the organization.

Redskins Head Coach Jay Gruden said, “We were trying not to make this about Robert when Robert was the quarterback. We’re going to try not to make this about Kirk now that Kirk’s the quarterback. We’ve got to make this about the Redskins moving forward.”

Added Cousins, “If we’re comparing last season, the last three games to right now, certainly it’s different. Much earlier in the season, with a lot more to play for, and I think that creates a heightened sense of urgency.”

Normally all eyes would be turned on the quarterback play of the Redskins; however, because the team traveling to play NFC East foe the Philadelphia Eagles, all talk is on the return of former Eagle DeSean Jackson, who was injured last week but expects to play.

Jackson said, “I felt I put it out on the line for them when I played there and I’ve done what I’ve done to help that organization win games. So as far as if they congratulate me, if they boo me – whatever the case may be – I’m ready for whatever it is. If it’s all on me, I’m playing. I don’t plan on missing this game.”

As for the Philadelphia Eagles (2-0), Head Coach Chip Kelly is still steaming after nearly losing this past Monday night against the Colts.

Kelly said, “No one should be patting themselves on the back anywhere. We’re fortunate to be 2-0. We’ve done a great job of coming back in both games, but there is a lot of work in every aspect of the game that we need to work on. So that’s the great thing about this group, they understand that.”

There’s no doubt the NFC East is struggling this year; however, the Eagles are the one team that appears to ready to take over the division and conference. That’s why the Eagles and the points at home is the right play.

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